Mazda Rotary Enthusiasts Car Club - New Zealand (NZ)

Welcome to MREC Wellington,
home of old school '70's Mazda rotaries and new ones
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Quick jump for some pictures from 2004 Tokyo AutoSalon
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The Mazda Rotary Car Enthusiasts Club of Wellington, NZ. Mazda Car Club New Zealand Wellington. Rx2 Rx-2 Coupe Rx-3 Rx3 2-door Rx-4 Rx4 Rx-5 Rx5 Rx-2 Rx7 Rx-7 Rx8 Rx-8. 10a 10A 12a 12A 12AT 12A turbo 13B 13BT 13B turbo. Mazda Le Mans winner Le-Mans Mazda. 787B Mazda. 792P Mazda. Cosmo sport. Cosmo HB cosmo JC. Savanna SP. Type R Bathurst. Grand Turismo 2. Peripheral Port, J Port, Bridgeport, Extended Port, 6 Port. Staionary Gear. Apex seals.
Tokyo Autosalon 2003
New Zealand South Island Champs
RE-Amemiya visit
Knightsports visit